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Pictures by James Vyn

FRESH FEELINGOh my my, I am so so looking forward for spring… And well especially summer but spring would be already a good step no? I mean I’ve been litterally freezing these past couple of days, honestly didn’t even wanted to go out or anything. Of course, I ended up in town running from meeting to meeting the whole week but I am definitely planning on spending some cozy days home. 

And I think that I even caught a little flu, darn it. April is always THE month where everybody gets sick. I hate being sick, isn’t it the worst? Anyway I’ll try to deal with it by drinking jars of soup. Now James and I wanted to create a spring inspired shoot with a very natural make-up. So natural doesn’t mean actually natural right, I am indeed wearring make-up guys but the goal was to make it look fresh and glowy!

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BODY : Moeva London 
LIPS : YSL ”Rouge Volupté Shine N°17”
FOUNDATION : Guerlain ”Parure de Lumière”
BLUSH : Guerlain ” 4 Seasons Terracota”
NECKLACE : Lionette
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