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B&w pattern

Pictures by James Vyn

THE PERFECT SUNSETAs summer arrives, it gets more challenging to shoot pictures outside while sun’s shining bright. Wait what?! Yep, you’ve heard. You might think that the sun is a photoraphy pal? Well actually it isn’t (of course it depends of the style you’re looking for in your pictures) but as James and I usually look for soft tones instead of harsh contrasts, we’re always on the search for a nice road under the shade in town. Or we wait for the sunset, to see the colours of the streets go deeper and softer. Like we did here. But my my, it feels so good to finally dress up with less layers and lighter materials…

I am slowly getting used to my new haircut, actually love it so much that it’s not even that diffucult. Plus I like how polyvalent it is, I can honestly pull it back in just a couple of seconds and you won’t even notice I had bangs. Luckily, my hair is really easy to style so the bangs really don’t bother me and I enjoy the edgy touch it brings to my looks.


SHOES : Valentino (find them here)
DRESS :Desire (here)
JACKET : Minusey
CLUTCH : B-Low The Belt
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