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Choo shoe style

Pictures by James Vyn

CHOO 24:7 STYLEMAKERS LOOK IVThe proverb is right, one shall never say never. Remember when just a couple of months ago I was talking to you guys about my personal fashion tastes and how I am not that much into pants, jeans and trousers in general? How I prefer dresses and skirts? Well, who would have known that in just a couple of weeks, I would completely change my mind! Indeed, I am currently completely obsessed with those and put all my little summer dresses in a stack in the back of my wardrobe. What happened? 

I feel honestly like my personal taste has been evolving a lot lately. And I am not even talking only about fashion, but also about food and general lifestyle habbits. I’ve always been a big sucker for sugar and sweets and yet now I crave salty snacks and pasta, while I’ve never liked pasta. Or another weird fact, I started working out and actually enjoying it while it never happened before. Is it something about the weather, or me getting older? It must a little bit of both ;)

P.S : Do you guys remember the special announcement we’ve made about the Hugo Boss show in Shanghai? Well the giveaway to win the tickets to attend the fashion show is now finished but you can click here to follow the updates concerning the event and feel free to discover at the end of this post the episode 2 of the HB Shanghai affairs video series! See you soon in China!


SHIRT : Zara
SUNNIES : Dsquared via I am Italian (find them here)
LIPS : YSL Baby Doll ”Vernis à Lèvres”
SHOES + CLUTCH : Jimmy Choo
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