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Pictures by James Chardon

WELCOME TO SHANGHAIOkay, so first of all to any of you who speak chinese : please let me know if the title of this article is correct because damn, I don’t understand a word (or should I say symbol, thanks to Reverso I imagined myself being a chinese expert for a second). Note the effort over here though! I am so excited to share this new adventure with you guys, as it was our first time in China discovering the amazing city of Shanghai as well as this completely new culture. 

I wanted to learn some new words as soon as I set my foot on chinese ground. So the first things I’ve been taught was obviously ”Nihau”, which means hi and ”Tchien Tchien” for thank you. It basically ended up at that stage… So I just had to use hand language for the rest of the trip, like any random tourist (ah, I feel so bad about myself). Because we were invited with Hugo Boss, we had the chance to stay in a lovely region where the hotel Andaz was located. On our arrival day, we took some time to explore the neighborhood and try out some local dishes. My dream came true : dim sum, but sweet version. For the day, I chose to wear a lovely Moschino dress as well as my new bag crush, this white Valentino I got from Monnier frères. Gotta be carefull as white gets dirty so quickly, but gosh it looks so good!

BAG : Valentino (found on Monnier Frères)
DRESS : Moschino
SHOES : Zara
RING : Vita Fede
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