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All about eve

Pictures by James Chardon

SWISS MADE So as you guys know, it has always been extremely important for me to support swiss market and especially new designers, jewerly brands or emerging top quality beauty slash skin care labels that really deserve some serious attention. I’ve been hanging out at my local drugstore when I saw this brand new Eve skin care line, entirely swiss made, from the packaging til the product itself made of swiss apricot extract from the Valais. It caught my curiusity right away, and turns out I’ve met the owner a couple of days later who told be the whole story behind the label, and I got seduced. So seduced that I instantly felt like it had to find it’s place on Kayture.

I am happy and proud to share with you the shooting we did for Eve in order to support this amazing new swiss label that’s doing so well currently (you can basically find them everywhere, at Manor, Sun Store, Benu and Amavita) but also check out their website I feel like a swiss blogger, it’s kind of my duty to make you guys discover some of our new trendy labels. The creams are all super natural and feel pleasantly soft. Their textures are perfect for younger types of skin, but I am also super crazy about their hand cream which makes my hands smell like little apricots. Super yummy. P.S Gotta try out their sunscreen, you can never be safe enough when it comes to sun bathing during holidays!


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