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KRISTINA BAZAN ON INSTAGRAMI thought that it’s seriously been a while since my last instagoodies post, and that I need to do something about it. So as you might already know, this article is basically a selection of my favourite shots from Instagram (all taken with my beloved pal, my phone, instead of James’s magic camera). I love sharing them with you guys here first of all, because some of you peeps don’t use Instagram and because they totally have their place here as these shots were all taken on a daily basis and looking at them always reminds me great memories. 
I’ve been addicted to Instagram from the beginning. Honestly it’s like me second blog, with spontaneous content and things that I love shared almost every hour. I do try to slow it down a little because as you can imagine my battery goes dead after 5 pictures already (plus 50 emails and don’t forget facebook!) but hey gotta have a charger with you at all times. Enjoy these pictures babes and don’t forget to follow me (@kristina_bazan) or my babe (@james_chardon) on Instagram for new updates.


My new obsession, these absolutely perfect Chanel ballerinas. A timeless investment and super comfortable pick for any meeting of day in the city.
Casual-ing in my beloved Lausanne before dinner.
”Je n’ai besoin de personne, en Harley Davidson”, and I officially became a Gangster. Rwar.
My favourite jewerly pieces of the moment : Calvin Klein watch, Vita Fede bracelet, Calvin Klein, Brandy Pham and Avinas rings.
Bang bang. Getting super used to my haircut, these bangs are framing my world.



Refill of some of my favourite beauty products. Guerlain, I’m loving you.
The mysterious story of the orange brick wall. Or me posing before my dinner in town.
The most amazing view from our window in Montreux. Pure heaven.
The essentials, my Mac, Vogue,  Chanel bronzer, Guerlain primer and of course YSL’s touche éclat
Total denim look (need to try more of these) before a luch date with my family and spa
Lobby of the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva, one of the most beautiful spots in town
Resting after a long day of appointments
New organizer to keep me on track with all our new trips, projects and meetings. + the most gorgeous piece a woman can ever have in her purse.
Taking my Chanel babies for their first ride in town, they’re handeling it well. I’m not. Need to wrap them up in plastic or something.
Soon coming up on Kayture, a new beauty article with D&G’s gorgeous Monica collection.
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