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Kristina bazan for ellin anderegg

Pictures by Ellin Anderegg

SOFT AND SUBTLEFirst of all, I’d like to start this monday article with a huge thank you regarding the ”About Me” video. I honestly feel so extremely lucky to have you guys as loyal readers of Kayture, you’re just the sweetest and most supportive people ever. You can’t even understand how motivational it is for me and James to read your feedback, it makes us want to show you a better content every single day. So thank you really, for your constant presence, support as well as your kindness and honest opinions.

Now today I am happy to show you one of the most amazing shootings I’ve done with Ellin Anderegg, a super talented photographer (also super beautiful one by the way if you want my opinion) based in Switzerland (Swiss power!)(girl power!). I think she’s honestly one of the rising talents currently from Zürich, her work is a true gem. Here are the two first sets we shot at the Park Hyatt in Zürich, their lovely team gave us the most amazing suite to shoot these pictures so a big thanks to them for their generosity and trust. This shooting was all about a much more mature and sophisticated look, I feel like I grew up so much in the last couple of months and these pictures express it quite well. This shooting is a story about a real women, powerfull, strong and confident. Hope you like it!

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