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Kristina bazan for louis vuitton


During our stay in Paris, we had the tremendous chance and honor to work once again with one of our all time favorite brands, Louis Vuitton. Not only is their team simply incredible, so fresh, innovative and ambitious but the brand itself always manages to surprise me with the newest designs, color combination, incredible patterns and above all a colorful playfulness and elegance throughout the entire range of products that I always have a hard time finding in other labels. Louis Vuitton always seemed to fit me perfectly in terms of style, now I don’t know if it’s Marc Jacobs’s skills for aesthetics that caught my heart on fire, but I hope that Nicolas Ghesquière will bring something new and different to the brand without loosing however this sensitivity and brightness in terms of designs. 


Having already worked with Louis Vuitton several times, especially on shoe and bag editorials, we’ve decided this time to challenge ourselves (just a tiny little, because let’s be honest how hard is it to shoot these gorgeous pieces? They would look good on anybody and anything) by shooting some bracelets, earrings and necklaces from their fine jewelry collection. It’s actually quite interesting because many people don’t know how gorgeous is Louis Vuitton’s jewelry, many people know the brand essentially for it’s leather goods and travel equipment. I felt like the jewelry totally needed a spotlight! 


Each set had it’s own atmosphere and I wanted to express through these different settings what the Louis Vuitton woman feels like to me and play with the different aspects of her personality. So we got the mysterious/powerful one, then the romantic/sensitive and finally the sexy/seductive femme fatale. I have to say… I love all of the different images so much. They all have such a different mood and ambiance! For each set I wore Louis Vuitton’s FW13 ready to wear clothing pieces matched to some of their gorgeous bags and of course the key pieces are those delicate, fine charm jewelry pieces. You know how much I love subtle jewelry, the one that you wear only for yourself and the one that has a special meaning to you. Well these ones definitely got my love. I loved mixing up the golden ones with the silver ones, mixing up the symbols and shapes. There are so many options, you can make it truly yours. Make it personal and unique. 


I am SO excited to hear your thoughts about these three looks. Tell me, what is your favorite one?


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