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Let’s talk personal stuff!

Q&A FIRST PART Okay guys, so after aaaaall this wait (I know, I know… it was supposed to come out in December. Shame on me) here is finally the first Question & Answer videos that I have been promising you for all this time!!! It was a total mess since we had to film it all over again, we wanted the best quality possible for you folks. Now, I am super excited to be revealing today this first part and hear your feedback (argh I always find it so weird to hear myself speak in videos! I guess that I am used to see pictures so I always feel like I have the worst expressions and manners ever!!! bluagh). Thanks to the #askkristina hashtag and all the direct questions you’ve sent in, we elaborated 3 video series divided into personal, fashion and blogging related questions! This first part is going to be about my personal life and aspirations for the future! Here is the little summary of the video : 

1. How do you see yourself in ten years? 
2. Are you planning to go back to studies? 
3. Other than blogging, do you have any passions? 
4. What do you do to stay healthy? 
5. Do you want to stay based in Switzerland or move elsewhere? 
6. What are your favorite products? 

We had the pleasure to film this video with a really good friend of ours and new member of our Kayture team, Philippe Girard (by the way, he also has a blog!) and we couldn’t have asked for a better scenery than the Park Hyatt in Zürich where we stayed for a couple of days as we also had some extra work in the city. It was hard to choose among all the great question received (I could have spoken for 1 hour!!! and god knows how annoying that would have been.) but I think these are the most important ones that have been coming back a lot. So hopefully your questions won’t be left unanswered! If you have any additional things you’d like to know, feel free to pop a little comment bellow and I’ll make sure to check it out! Lots of love guys, and enjoy :)

P.S In the video I am wearing a Tara Jarmont dress and Louis Vuitton bracelet.

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