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Apriati and me

Yesterday, James and I were out in Geneva in order to film for a swiss TV show called Glanz & Gloria (for those of you guys interested, it’s going to be on air tonight on the SRF swiss german channel!!). They were interested to show a little brunch/shopping day with me and discuss blogging, fashion, and above all new projects… Because there are a lot of them coming up! Lately I haven’t been going out as much in fact, as I am constantly writing and rehearsing. I have decided to put in 2014, as well as the years to come, a total focus and priority to music which demands so much hard work (but don’t get me wrong, Kayture is my baby, I could never leave it aside!!!). The nights are shorter and shorter but I am having so much fun!!! I can’t wait to put out more content for you to see. The quality is the most important though, so for now, total concentration! The new design of the blog, The New Kayture is coming out tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited about it! We worked on it for almost a year now, to make it perfect, elegant and easy to navigate. It was soo much reflexion, and quite time consuming to be totally honest. We are finalizing the last details today and hopefully tomorrow everything will go smoothly and you’ll be able to see for the first time the new layout of the entire website!!

So yesterday, I picked out this really cool and cozy look for a short afternoon of strolling in the city. I am madly in love with this coat, and I felt like some plaid would be perfect, especially matched to this adorable little navy purse. But the key element of this outfit is definitely the jewelry. I’ve discovered this amazing brand called Apriati online several weeks ago and finally received my little parcel at home with these two gorgeous rings and super cute charm bracelets. I felt like they had the perfect colors for winter (although I could totally see myself wearing them the whole year…) and matched perfectly my outfit of the day. The rings though, are really my biggest crush : they are so modern, sophisticated yet different. I feel like you can easily wear both of them together, like I did in this case, or just one mix and matched with some other jewelry pieces of rings. What do you think about this look?



COAT : Tara Jarmont
PANTS : Zara
SHOES : Bally
TOP : Mango
BAG : 3.1 Phillip Lim
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