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Greetings from berlin!

Ah Berlin… There’s always something new to see and something new to discover. The thing is, I really believe that Berlin is becoming, or has become, the place to be in Europe. It’s feels so new, it’s fresh, it’s unexpected, it’s young and a little wild (it can be pretty wild if that’s what you’re looking for) but it’s definitely and above all a new fashion ground to explore for all fashionistas around the world. So darlings, when shall we add the german speaking city of fun to the official international fashion week list among NY, Paris, London and Milan?

As much as I love all those busy metropoles, especially coming from Geneva where it’s very quite most of the time, Berlin feels so diverse and dynamic to me each time. It has this underground feeling that you might only find in some rare places in New York or London, but it’s still a totally different approach.

Berlin does underground in a trashy, hipster yet somehow super trendy way. Fact is that one of my favorite spots in Berlin is the White Trash… And that’s coming from a girl that usually sips tea at Ladurée each afternoon… The White Trash is this incredible burger place decorated as a pirate boat, tattoo shop mixed up with some really cool old school details (as if an old lady came by to add some quirky elements, like some dog paintings). If you ever go there, I highly suggest you to look closely at the art hanging above the stairs. You might find something interesting… Just saying.

Another great example of trendy in Berlin is definitely Du Du, the spot for sushis or delicious Japanese food during fashion week (or any period of the year if you wanna know). First of all, the people at Du Du, are so incredibly cool. I’m not kidding, they all have such a great sense of style. They seem so relax and chill, not like in most of the regular sushi bars where you hear people yelling from the 4 corners of the room. The place it self looks kind of… Unappealing, let’s say so, from the outside, I mean you can’t even guess that there’s a restaurant somewhere hidden in there, yet once you come in it looks like this super cool small New York loft with a little hipster vibe going on.

And the food my gosh… (I’m tearing up). The food is from the heavens of gods. Go there and try the tempura salad as well as crunchy Du Du rolls. James suggests the Pho soup which is also mind blowing. Okay I’m hungry. The thing is that in Berlin, all the cool stuff happens behind closed doors. And you better not judge a place by it’s entrance. Sometimes not even by the place itself. But the atmosphere, ambiance and food are usually never disappointing.

This time we came in Germany as I was Stylight’s official insider for the night, reporting some news backstage at their awards show. It was so much fun, especially since I got to meet a lot of you guys!!! The next day I hosted the Blogger Bazaar by Vide Dressing at the NHow hotel (another incredible spot in town), the concept is super simple, you can come and sell your clothing or accessories. A lot of cool bloggers came, and so we got the chance to chat and make some pictures. You can also sell your stuff online, so don’t wait any minute! You might make someone happy :)



PANTS : Sandro

BOOTS : Balenciaga

BAG : Phillip Lim


TOP : Zara



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