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Dreamy paris

Pictures by James Chardon

LE TEMPS D’UNE ESCAPADEOn our 3rd day in Paris, we had a packed up schedule with a lot of really fun things planned. It all started with an appointment by the official Kérastase salon at their parisian HQ where I had a meeting with one of their hair care experts. Just by looking at my hair, he could guess which type of products I use, how I often I wear a pony tail (and how tight I attache it!), the frequency of my shampoos and even how my scalp reacts to stress and outside temperature changes. He’s like a hair fairy. Literally. Pretty insane if you want to know my opinion… After I learned that my scalp is mistreated because of all the brushings and hairstyles I like to do, he composed a whole ritual that I had the great chance to enjoy created and based on some Kérastase’s products. I didn’t expected to be as much pampered that day and couldn’t be more excited. 

After this super interesting (and relaxing… I almost fell asleep while getting a scalp massage… hello heaven on earth) ritual treatment we were off to a little business meeting with one of our partners at our all time favorite parisian restaurant : the Kong. It has an incomparable view on the city, not to mention that the food is nuts. NUTS! You guys, take your pens and address books : write it down. Next time you’re in Paris go to Kong and try the Black Cod. You’ll cry. Oh and give a go for the Tarte Tatin. You’ll cry again. Bring the tissues. 

After this, we headed in town and walked while enjoying every single second of this peaceful moment of the day. We passed by the Louvre and I realized that I never set a toe inside : on my to do list for sure. I was so overwhelmed by the incredible Parisian architecture… I’m always all emotional and touched by all this beauty. When the sun is setting down and there’s a sort of magical flare illuminating all the monuments, it feels like the world stops for a second (gosh I can be solo cheesy sometimes). There’s no similar experience. As we were walking with one of our good parisian friends, she told us : “even though I live here, I have to say, you never get used to this beauty and magic. You always have to pinch myself”. And I felt so happy just by being present in this moment. It was amazing. 

COAT : Zalando
BOOTS : Zara
FLUFFY TOP : Three Floor
BAG : Valentino
RING : Vita Fede & Alex Mika
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