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The bund

Pictures by James Chardon

REMEMBER IN SHANGHAI Okay, so I was browsing the other day through my picture files and realised that I completely forgot that I haven’t shared with you guys these last pictures that James and I shot during our stay in Shanghai with Hugo Boss. I guess, I was a little jet lagged when I got back home and simply forgot that these pictures even existed. Luckily I found them since they bring back such awesome memories of an exciting day spent in China at the famous Bund.

As we had a little bit of time off that day, we decided to go ahead and visit some iconic places in Shanghai. Other than the red bar (which we unfortunately didn’t had time to see because of a tight schedule with HB) we got tons of suggestions regarding the Bund. And you were right. It was definitely breathtaking, and even the terrible weather didn’t ruin our impression. We had a long walk under the rain, admiring the mega tall buildings and feeling extra small (even smaller as I wasn’t wearring heels that day, comfort above all for city tours!). 

SHOES : Valentino (Through Runin2)
BAG : Hugo Boss
SUNNIES : Roberto Cavalli
SHIRT : Mango
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