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Dolce vita

Pictures by James Chardon

DOLCE & GABBANA, TRUE MONICA COLLECTION I’ve always been extremely fascinated by Italy and the italian culture in general. You might have noticed that each time James and I travel to Milan, we get extremely inspired by the city, the ambiance. The friendly atmosphere, the warm people always welcoming us with the most kind words (and incredible food)! In my opinion, Dolce & Gabbana represent perfectly the Italian myth, and they manage to create each season the perfect, iconic Italian woman.

In this article, I chose to imagine myself as a pure Italian woman by playing with the brand new Dolce&Gabbana beauty collection called ”True Monica”, dedicated to the iconic italian model and actress, Monica Belucci. The collection is a journey through some of her favourite shades and textures, ideal for a day or night wear depending of the intensity you want to give to your look. Here I used some bronze shades on my eyes followed by coral pink on my lips and nails. This look is perfect for any time of the year, it’s timeless and iconic.LipsGentle MonicaNailsGentleEyesSmoky palette

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