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Alimonada in the blue

Pictures by James Chardon

HAPPINESS James and I spend this week-end with some amazing friends on our country’s beautiful ”Lac Leman”. We took a boat and went right in the middle of the blue, put the music on (as loud as possible, yihaa nobody around to disturb) and our main goal was to relax and get our energy ready for monday. Being alone, face to face with nature, water, fresh air blowing in the hair while the boat runs super fast, is a crazy feeling. A feeling of freedom and happiness for sure. I am super gratefull to be able to live these kind of experiences with such awesome people, a perfect way to spend these summer dispatched “holidays”. We didn’t have the opportunity to take a real week off, I mean block all projects, collaborations and computer/phone business use for a week but prefered to took some days off as soon as we had a less busy day. And we were super happy with that choice as we’re relaxed and yet ready to attack fashion week season!

During those super chill days, I like to stay comfy and choose really simple outfits without anything too extravagant. But my weakness, or actually no, my big passion is to have my favourite jewerly pieces to add a cool touch to my ultra casual looks. Like I’ve told you before, I’m a huge fan of small jewerly than you wear only for yourself. The more simple, the better. And these incredible pieces from a really fab online shop I recently discovered are top! It’s called Alimonada, and you can find the most adorable pieces (obsessed with small rings). I went with the delicate ones! And the best is that you can stack them up. So I just browsed through their website and found so many cute items that feel like are hard to find in shops in Switzerland. Aah, the treasures of online shopping…

JEWERLY : Alimonada
SHIRT : Zara
SWIMMING SUIT : Shh… It’s a secret that’ll be revealed this week!
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