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Oh sara cristina…

Pictures by James Chardon

A LAST SUMMER FEELING? My my, when I look at my calendar and I see that September is a couple of weeks away I must admit that I get chills… I mean seriously, how quickly did summer swing by? It’s like I didn’t even notice it. Aah… I am already preparing myself mentally for winter and snow snow snow for MONTHS! Wait. This article is supposed to be about swimwear… Forget about all I said, let’s keep it sunny and bright until the end of august and then we can allow ourself to moan and complain about the weather, shall we?

So as you guys might now, we’ve spent the week-end on our friend’s boat in the middle of Geneva’s lake. A fabulous experience which was so much fun. The view was absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that we took a really good rest. For that occasion I wore a really cool new bathing suit that you guys have been raving about on Instagram, so I thought I’d share the info in this special article. The bikini is from Sara Cristina, an absolutely amazing beach wear brand I recently discovered. I love their feminin designs yet with this ultra cool modern and edgy twist. Lately, I’ve been obsessed by black, and fell in love with this bikini as it has the most amazing golden embelishment as well. Check out their website, they have some absolutely amazing designs! And don’t forget that you can always throw a pool party in your bathtub during winter, just for the pleasure of wearring your gorgeous summer bikinis. This thought makes me feel happy :)

BIKINI : Sara Cristina
SUNNIES : Céline
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