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Fall elegance

Pictures by Olivia Bossert


The great thing about fall is that it’s THE time of the year perfect for fashion. Meaning that it’s not too cold to be completely bundled up with heavy knitwear (though I will say that today was pretty harsh… I mean 0° for the month of November isn’t very funny… When you’re outside… Now it feels quite cozy from the inside as you watch people passing by freezing they body parts) yet definitely not warm enough to go out in tiny winy bikinis,  so you can play up with layering. Hurray! Fall is THE season for layering ( I just love puttings caps on my THE! It makes it sound so incredibly dramatic). It’s hardly even imaginable sometimes to throw on a jacket during summer time when the hot sun is almost unbearable (I personaly am never hot enough), fall turns out to be all about that little scarf to match the turtleneck, some cool boots, interesting tights, why not some fun leather gloves!? Fall makes me all excited. And as always the best part are the shoes. My feet always hurt in summer because of the open toe heels and sandal that kill you and leave these tiny little bruises at the end of the day. So amen to boots. We love boots!!! It’s just the most comfortable type of shoe that ever exists! Lately I’ve been completely mad about my Balenciaga ones, that I wear almost everyday. Yup, I love them that much. They have that heel which makes them look high enough to appear sexy yet low enough to allow me to walk in them all day long (and I mean it) while feeling totally comfortable. It’s funny how I can’t find them though in any shop where I travel (I got them in Geneva) and neither online! So if you guys spot a pair, let me know because I already received some wishlists from some of my friends who want the same ones!

Now lately I’ve been on THE hunt for THE perfect coat (I totally feel like yelling each THE as I type it, it’s so much fun hu hu… okay sorry for the stupid humour, it’s 1am as I am writing this so please be nice). And the hunt is quite adventurous as the brands have done their best this season. Honesly, I have never seen such a nice diversity of colours, prints and materials than this season. Or maybe I just didn’t pay good attention? But honestly I’ve spotted way too many beautiful options. And yet I went for the most simple one for this look. But you all know my opinion : classic always works! You see, for me, the coat is one of the most important elements for a successfull fall garderobe. It has to be a comfortable yet stylish piece, easy to wear with many different looks. When I saw this one, it was literally like love at first sight. And it doesn’t happen that often to me. It’s like a bathrobe that you wrap yourself with when a cold wind shows up, and this beige colour goes with absolutely anything. Plus, it’s super warm and comfy. I feel amazing when I wear it! Unfortunately, I am not sure if Zara still have it but I totally suggest you guys to find your dream coat for the season since I’ve hear that winter this year is going to be one of the coldest ones ever! Good luck x.

COAT : Zara

SKIRT : Guess by Marciano

BOOTS : Balenciaga

SUNNIES : Céline

RINGS : Topshop


Gucci Bamboo



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