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Little swiss update! We’re back in Switzerland after a crazy month of travelling, aaah how I love those crazy busy hectic times! Coming home though is pretty harsh. I’m getting very envious of my Instagram feed looking back at all the incredible travel images… Please somebody take me back to the sun! I don’t ever want to leave the beach!!! Reality is calling however and my mail box shows hundreds of post holiday urgent messages. Time to get serious.

Before leaving to the sun, I enjoyed a little detox process to get that body ready for the exposure it would get. Get ready people, body rocking coming (that mind set you’re in when you first decide to start a juice cleanse, oh yeah positivity). As I honestly didn’t want to spend my days at the beach thinking about squeezing my belly in and that I needed to get rid of some dark circles under my eyes, I needed a serious health kick. I am sure you guys have already heard about juice cures. I’ve actually done one in the past and really loved the process. It’s like cleaning your body from all the toxines and letting some fresh air get in.

Ever since I’ve been eating clean, juices have been one of my favorite things. I’m used to order green juices wherever I go (kale, celery, cucumber, more greens please). So often that a few restaurants already know my favorites while some places (in Switzerland especially) look at me like I’m some kind freak ordering a juice made out of spinach. Sorry we only have orange.

So during a couple of days before leaving to the sun, I sipped on juices from this brand I enjoy called Dietox. I really love their summer formula as the drinks are so tasty and flavorful. You get six juices to go throughout the day, they are super nice and easy to take with you on a busy day in the city. I tried out Dietox‘s Fresh Cleansing Therapy which is made out of more than 15 types of veggies, fruits and eco superfoods. It’s super delicious, healthy and above all very convenient while on the go. A great way to reset the body and nourish the organism. After just two days of cleanse, I felt like my whole system was feeling so much better.

So here I was in Geneva in between two meetings sipping at my n°4 juice (that’s the one you’re supposed to have between 4 and 6pm) dressed up in this awesome Three Floor dress that I absolutely love at the moment. I matched it to some laid back chic details such as the Tara Jarmon heels and my new colorful Gucci bag that I really enjoy for summer. I completely recommend a juice cleanse if you guys plan a bikini ready summer trip, or if you just want to do some good to your body, skin and state of mind! Bisous


DRESS : Three Floor

SHOES : Tara Jarmon (Similar Here & Here)

BAG : Gucci

SUNNIES : Sonya Rikiel (Similar Here & Here)

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