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All about print at nyfw

Pictures by James Chardon

IN BETWEEN THE SHOWSOkay so I bet you guys have troubles following my fashion mood swings lately as I am wandering through grungy punk-ish chic inspiration then falling into a complete obsession about colour blocking, and prints (more prints! more prints! tralala). Yup, that’s just my mood. As you may have understood, I am exploring the fashion sea like a little fish, trying new things out and seeing how I like them! Because for me, fashion week is about that too. How will you choose to portray yourself today? I personally find it super amusing. So there I was with my fuchsia lipstick and sparkly Stella clutch rushing through the streets of NY…

That day, we had a pretty crazy schedule with some of my favourite brands showing their new collections. Unfortunately I missed one I was really looking forward to : Tory Burch. Maaarghr the traffic from Soho was so insane, we got stuck for 40minutes. Luckily (or unfortunately) I had Instagram to follow (or cry over) the updates of the folks who managed to attend the event (while I was yelling at the cab driver, okay almost… I’m a super polite swiss lady). Something funny I noticed as wore my quite extravagant outfit (cause let’s admit that this Cavalli print is pretty in-sane) is how my outfit looked sooo casual outside all the top fashion shows, with people strolling in print jumpsuits, platform heels, Valentino rock studs eeeeverywhere… So when I decided to go and grab a coffee in town, people litterally looked at me like I was some kind of freak or alien fallen from Mars. To those who were starring, I gave them a smile which meant ”have pity, me feet burn”. To those who starred with insistance I said ”I was just in the mood of wearring this coat today…A soya latte please!”. And you know what, at the end of the day, I am glad I managed to amuse some and don’t mind looking like a strange zebra in the middle of the city : I think it’s acutally really cool to stand up for things you love and wear the clothes you like. Of course, we all get a little crazy for fashion week (3:04min d’uuh it’s called fashion look it uuupp) but that’s part of the fun!

COAT : Roberto Cavalli
SHOES : Valentino
DRESS : Patricia Chang NY
CLUTCH : Stella McCartney
RING : Vita Fede
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