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A day with chopard


The biggest honor during this season’s Cannes film festival was definitely the privilege to be Chopard’s special guests for the week. James and I truly couldn’t have dreamed of anything more magical. You can’t conceive the festival without thinking instantly about Chopard, same thing you can’t think of Chopard without imagining all these glamorous actresses walking the red carpet in there sumptuous jewels. No wonder why the brand is the official sponsor of the festival.

There’s even a rumor that goes around pointing out how all Chopard’s jewelry bring luck. Just think of Jennifer Lawrence and her first Oscar acceptance, in this jaw dropping Dior dress and Chopard jewels. She was pure perfection. I definitely felt super lucky too as it was my turn to be able to have these treasures floating like little gems of the gods on my skin. Seriously considered to take it all with me, all the jewelry and run away. Far, far away. I really did think about it…

After my first Montée des Marches, we spent the day with our beloved Chopard crew at their rooftop lounge discovering their iconic, new red carpet collection. Each piece being more and more stunning, my eyes were almost popping out from seing so much beauty. The details of each little piece are simply breathtaking and you just know from looking closely that so much heart and soul has been put into the elaboration of every single aspect of the jewels. That’s exactly what makes them so special.

I tried several models, essentially big statement pieces. I especially had a big crush on that awesome chain necklace and bracelet (which Marion Cotillard wore by the way just a couple of days ago before these images were shot) as it’s so edgy yet purely luxurious as well. Gotta say that these blue gems are quite breathtaking as well, Adriana Lima wore them just the day before for Chopard’s backstage event. A lot of wonderful, strong yet romantic high jewelry pieces. No matter what your current state of mind or mood is, you’ll find your perfect fit.


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