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Midnight in paris

Hey loves how are you all? Hope you had a fabulous week-end full of love and fun! I spent these last two days working on my music. The best time ever. I’ve been composing with super talented artists some arrangements for my songs and recorded two acoustic tracks in a studio which I am so so incredibly happy and excited about. Some new videos are going to be released soon.

Honestly that day, I felt so emotional and grateful… It’s insane to see something you’ve created materialize. I am really looking forward to reveal you everything, one step at a time.

This morning, we landed in Barcelona in order to support one of our favorite ready to wear labels, Mango, who are doing a fashion show at the 080 venue, but before talking about that I would love to show you guys some pictures James and I shot in Paris during our stay with Love Gold! It turns out that this article has not been shot at midnight (though the title suggests it), the ambiance however was typical of the perfect Parisian night, strolling through the busy streets while enjoying a hot drink and the fresh air.

It was super cold that day, worth investing in a beanie as well as a soya chai latte at Starbucks… Each time I travel, Starbucks is the comfort zone where I know I can have lactose free milk haha. Part of my resolutions for 2014 is to be vegetarian, but also have a gluten and dairy free diet, mostly for health reasons. Ideally, I’d love to be vegan. That’s the best isn’t it? I eat vegan food 50% of the time and I would love for it to become 100% but goosh it’s super hard when you travel constantly and spend most of the time at train stations, airports and hotels where people look at you with big eyes you if you ask for a soya milk.

We’re getting there!!! Today we have a busy day in Spain, feel free to follow all the news on our social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook for all the live updates :) lots of love x.


COAT : Zara


BAG : Sophie Hulme

NECKLACE : Ek Thongprasert 


TOP : Mango

SKIRT : Love



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