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Parisian colors

Good morning daisies! Hope you’re all doing super, duper hyper well. I am currently writing this article from my hotel room in Paris in between a bowl of hot oatmeal and some sweet lemon green tea with honey after having sleept barely 6 hours, but I don’t even know why I got the morning fire and so I just felt like I needed to write and share with you this little breakfast moment.

James and I are in town because yesterday we spent the day shooting a fine jewelry video project with one of our favorite companies, Love Gold (do you remember them from India?). I had the chance to work with their incredible crew, Fabien Costant, the director of Carine Roitfeld’s documentary Mademoiselle C, as well as his partner Chris Roman who works For They both have a pocket full of mesmerizing projects and I was extremely honored to be collaborating with them.

We spend the whole day working at the Place Vendôme, discovering absolutely cra-zy pieces in boutiques like Bulgari, Chanel, Vuitton or Boucheron. Of course we’ve planned a nice backstage article for you with all the pictures of the day!

Yesterday night, after such a great busy day, I decided to voluntarily give my self a pleasant stomach ache by over eating Pierre Hermé macarons while catching up with social media feedback (I promise I’m not insane). I swear it was really my attention. I mean, maybe I would stop having this weird obsession with these delicious little sweets from the sweet heavens. It didn’t work. I finished the box. And got myself a cramp.

But this wasn’t the reason why my night was so short, although it might have been because of the hmmm.. Sugar over dose? I was running a little in my room doing like a zillion things at the same time. First of all I was practicing my music of course (actually looking for good vocal classes now, but it’s so hard to find a professor that you trust and enjoy being with).

I also got the chance to write a new song that I absolutely love and that described perfectly the way I felt at that exact moment (and I’m not talking about the macarons or the cramp). After replying to some emails and editing these pictures I could finally consider going to bed. Paris always had such a vivid energy on me, and gosh I love working in hotel rooms. It’s so weird right? First of all I throw and artistic mess (or just a mess, call it whatever you like, I just like to find pleasing excuses) and then sit in the middle of the room, on the floor ideally with my laptop on the knees and turn into geek mode. My eyes become two little white spheres of fascination.

I’ll be back in Geneva tonight and will be working on music all week-end. So excited and looking forward to keep you updated. Meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite looks ever shot on the balcony of my cozy little parisian hotel room!! I’ve always been a mega fan of color blocking and rarely seen yellow and light blue matched together, but I can say it now : I’m obsessed.


COAT : Topshop

CLUTCH : Gucci

DRESS : Zara




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