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Baby diamond

Hey there sweethearts…. I’ve had the worst week-end ever. After a great friday working on a top secret project in Geneva, I came back home with a great energy and big smile on my face to later wake up at 3am with a heavy virus. Bottom line, I spent 48 hours in and out of the bathroom with a digestive flu as well as in bed in a total coma zombie mode. Not really sexy if you wanna know… But hey it’s life! That explains why I disappeared for two days and didn’t give any news on my social media channels. All I could eat were crackers, honey and oatmeal… Yihaaa. Call it a pre-fashion week diet…

It seems like every time before fashion weeks, I get sick. I really don’t know why, but it seems like some sort of tradition now. Maybe it’s because I feel so stressed out and anxious that my body just feels like it needs to get a rest somehow and gets sick… Fashion weeks always demanded such a huge organization and so many things are going on at the same time that I have moments sometimes when I feel like my head is going to explode. This time my poor little belly decided to play tricks on me. At least it forced me to take it easy.

We are leaving to New York with Hugo Boss this tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Like I told you, we didn’t want to do the whole NYFW this season as I really needed to concentrate on music and other special projects I am working on. Plus with the cold in NY, it just seemed so right to spend more time rehearsing and in the studio learning and improving the singing.

But I can’t be more thrilled to be back in the big apple, it’s going to be as always a super fun adventure. Meanwhile, I hope you guys will enjoy these images that were shot during our stay in Barcelona at the W hotel. I was wearing this insane dress from Geeks And Stitches, and totally felt like a modern day princess, with of course a little edgy fun twist! Stay updated for news guys x.



DRESS : Geeks And Stiches 

SHOES : Mango

LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”

EARRINGS : Windsor Store

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