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Staying cozy in new york

Before flying to the hot californian sun of Los Angeles, let’s get a little cold with some images that James and I shot during our stay in New York for fashion week. The weather has been definitely harsh on everybody, there were days where it was barely possible to go out because of the bone freezing snow storm : kind of challenging also to look stylish, only if you’re a pro at layering. It’s a whole art indeed!!

That day luckily, the sun showed up, melting some bits of ice here and there, creating such a perfect atmosphere on Park Avenue. The weather was inviting us for a little morning stroll in the city. When temperature is that low, there’s nothing that I like doing better than getting cozy. And that means to me, warm and super comfy clothes (that still look somehow good) and…food.

As soon as a single snow flake shows up, I crave hot teas, soups, cookies and my favorite : scones. All of that while sitting on a cozy couch near a fire place. As I told you, lately I’ve been trying to eat on a different diet. No alcohol, no meat (other than fish) and trying to avoid gluten as well as dairy. Doing baby steps as I would love to try to be vegan one day.

Avoiding sweets is a hard one though but most of them are loaded with sugar, milk and gluten. By luck, I found this incredible little spot near Park Avenue called Alice’s Tea Cup where they serve the best vegan scones I’ve ever tried. This is the kind of thing you might only try in New York. Fluffy, sweet but not too much and super healthy. A must go if you’re in town. The place looks like a little fairy house lost in the middle of the street (might be a little too girly at some point, but honestly worth it), and they’re tea selection is just out of this world : try the almond one. So delicious.

As you’re reading this, we’ll be flying over Europe heading to Los Angeles! Can’t wait to share all the images with you loves :)



COAT : Zara (Similar Here)

BAG : Chanel

BOOTS : Balenciaga (Similar Here)

PANTS : Mango


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