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Best gelato in rome

As soon as I knew that we were coming to Rome, the very first thing that popped in my head was : gelato. And I needed to find THE gelato. Okay okay, now architecture and everything is wonderful but seriously guys, ice cream making in Italy is like a form of art! It is a form of art. Period. Naturally, I browsed the web for hours trying to find THE list of the best gelato places in Italy, you guys were so kind to send in some names, but the best was to be there, explore and take the time to really try and appreciate each place.

Of course, it was also a super excuse to indulge with tons of delicious creamy goodness. I think we had probably 4 ice cream cones per day. Which is… really bad obviously. We were on a sugar rush all day basically. But seriously, this was just the best thing to do while in Rome! We even created a #gelatoquest hashtag on Instagram!

So guys, find bellow my favorite places for Gelato in Rome by order of preference, and next time you’re in Italy, get yourself on one of those ice cream quests. There’s nothing more fun to do than that!

1. Gelateria Del Teatro, Via di San Simone (website)

Don’t ask your taxi driver to bring you there as this little gelateria is located right in the middle of a pedestrian street with tons of absolutely adorable little shops full of antiques and pastries. This gelato spot is one of my favorites not only because the place by it’s self is so nice (I especially enjoyed the fact that it felt less touristic than the others) or because it had a fabulous diversity and originality of flavors, I loved above all the quality of the ice cream which was truly exceptional. I tried three flavors and highly suggest their Fior Di Latte, which is always a good classic but can be very easily plain and un-interesting. This one was researched, delicate, voluptuous, like a cloud that sits on the tip of your tongue. + you can easily grab a seat at one of their cutie little tables and even have a wi-fi access to post an image of your gelato! All win for me!

2. Gelateria dei Gracchi, Via dei Gracchi 272 (website)

This is probably one of the smallest ice cream places in this list, but I’d say it’s also one of the best! The proof is that even if this ice cream shop isn’t exactly in a shopping area, it’s always full and the ice cream jars are getting empty very quickly. There’s a big choice of flavors, you got the classic and some more original ones, the price is perfect but the quality above all is really amazing. I remember enjoying the pistache flavor!

3. Fatamorgana, Via Lago di Lesina, 9-11(website) 

Here’s the perfect organic version for all ice cream lovers! If you’re gluten intolerant like me and dying all the time because you can’t eat the cone, then this option is perfect for you because they do special GF cones!. The gelato here has less sugar and you can definitely feel it. It’s much healthier than a regular ice cream but it still is really delicious. The variety of flavors is stunning and I highly suggest the peanut flavor which isn’t too sweet, but still kind of feels like frozen peanut butter.

4. Venchi, Via della Croce 25 (website)

The best basics. Here, you won’t find a lot of choice or originality in the flavors. What you’ll find here are the best versions of all the classic flavors, like chocolate, strawberry or fior di latte. If you’re a chocolate fan then this might be the place for you as they also have an entire conner dedicated to that!

5. Giolitti, Via degli Uffici del Vicario, (website)

Last but not least, Giolitti is the place everybody has been telling us about! So of course we ended up going there the first day and I fell in love with the pistachio flavor. I feel like the choice was great but Giolitti deserves only the 5th spot because it was way too touristic, more expensive than expected and we couldn’t even have a seat without ordering a coffee. Other than that : the ice cream is worth your while!

We’ve tried several ones of them and some don’t figure in this list. Hope you guys will enjoy this post and don’t hesitate to send in YOUR favorite ice cream spots. xxx




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