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French riviera


With summer holidays approaching at a frightening pace, we need to start thinking about that ideal wardrobe to take with us on a sunny getaway. Either it’s a tropical summer trip with friends or a romantic escapade on a cruise with a beloved one, I am glad to share with you some of my recent must haves and shopping cravings of the moment perfect for many occasion like a little boat trip adventure, fancy cocktail or a cozy night on the beach, you’ll have THE looks to make everyone turn heads, and especially that one special person. Of course, you can take it as a good source inspiration, although, gotta admit, I already purchased some items from these lists and can’t wait to have them delivered!

On my side, with all the work and the many surprises we are planning for Kayture, not to mention that I am working like a crazy maniac on my music, writing my book (whoops, I said it again) and directing a handful of other projects which will only be revealed within months, I am quite nervous by the idea of proper vacations as it means days away from my e-mail box and thousands of messages to catch up on… I am kind of a workaholic, I love what I do, but my friends and family have all been nagging me and pushing me to take some days off (never thought that day would happen).

They convinced me, I agreed but only if we travel somewhere with high speed wi-fi. Gosh, I hate myself for saying that. Such a brag. I’m so annoying. Oh well. I love the web!!! Can’t blame me for that… I need to feed my babe with content. End of the story, my best friend and I decided to plan a secret girl’s trip which I can’t wait to tell you more about once we have booked everything.

All I can say is that it’s going to be pretty luxurious, beautiful, heavenly and well… relaxing hopefully. I need some yoga classes to free that busy mind of mine (new ideas bursting every two seconds, reasons why I’m so good at blabbing here on the blog too hehe). James is leaving on a boat trip with his best pals, but we are also craving a getaway in Bali. It’s a destination we’ve always wanted to explore. Crossing fingers that it will work out. I’m definitely taking my computer with me…! Without further wait…


Happy Shopping!


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