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Bonjour monaco!

Right in the middle of the most sumptuous dinner in Shanghai, before the dessert (arrgh I’ll never know what that Panna Cotta tasted like) James and I had to rush to the airport to catch our flight : Monte Carlo was waiting for us! It’s very rare, I’d even say impossible that we ever leave in the middle of an event like hooligans, but with the time difference, there was no way for us to miss the special show we were invited to that next day.

We had the honor to have our presence requested by none other than our favorite Louis Vuitton team to attend their cruise collection show which was held at the Palais Royal. It would be the 2nd collection for our dear Nicolas Ghesquière and another beautiful historical moment for fashion industry.  We needed to be there. No questions allowed.

After a long flight from China, we landed in the sun, bright blue sky and clear sea. Hello Monaco! I have a personal attachement to this city as I used to spend some of my holidays with my parents there a couple of years ago, and keep in my heart such dear memories. It isn’t that far away from Switzerland and quite the place for a fancy getaway of a couple of days if any special occasion shows up. Not to mention that the French Côte D’Azure is quite the place during this season. The air is hot and sweet, the view breathtaking and the fashion game even better.

As always when travelling with Louis Vuitton, the welcome is royal. I felt spoiled like a little brat, checking in at the Hermitage hotel and heading for lunch at the Hotel De Paris. Their restaurant has the most insane rooftop area which gives view on the French Riviera. The boats, the architecture, the colors of all these little blocks of buildings. There’s an undeniable charm in the air.

Dressed up in the cutest little Vuitton crop top and their Capucine bag tightly held with both hands, James and I spent a beautiful couple of hours enjoying the view while savoring a delicious lunch. And every two seconds, I had to pinch myself, feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty, having the chance to appreciate that precious moment with amazing people, excited like a little kid for the cruise show which would be held in a couple of hours…

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to find out what the new collection looked like and the outfit I chose for that special occasion x.


TOP : Louis Vuitton

BAG : Capucine by Louis Vuitton


SHOES : Louis Vuitton



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