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Girl talk

Hey my loves! So today we have a little surprise for you all. A lot of you fell in love with our newest Kaytributor, Fiona Zanetti who you might also follow on Instagram! Not only is she a fireball of a Kayteam mate, she’s also my best friend. We decided to sit down and share with you one of our traditional “Girl Talks”! Because we all ask ourselves the same questions, go through the same things and sometimes it’s just better to talk about it. So without further due, find bellow our little Q&A! Thanks to the Alpina Gstaad for welcoming us, we couldn’t have felt cozier with our soy cappuccinos and big blankets.


Kristina :You recently joined the KayTeam! I know that you’ve been following the blog for a long time before that so you might have had a preconceived idea of what it would be like : what surprised you the most?

Fiona : Before working with you we were friends first and foremost. I felt really lucky when you guys asked me to join in. It was a wonderful opportunity because I always admired what you did and especially appreciated you guys as my friends. The amount of work is definitely what surprised me the most. There’s so much! But it is also so exciting. You basically never stop and don’t want to stop. It becomes part your life. There’s no distinction between personal and professional life which can be hard at times. We could be sitting in front of our laptops on a Sunday morning replying to emails, editing articles while everybody’s still sleeping. But we do what we love and we give it all.


Fiona :Did you ever imagine while growing up that you wouldn’t go to University and instead of that open a blog and follow your dreams like you do today?

Kristina : No! Never (laugh). My parents always wanted me to have the best grades and higher qualifications possible. When they were my age, it was a luxury to go to University and so of course that’s what they wanted for me. So I grew up with the idea that I’d finish my studies and work for a company, but to be totally honest, this really scared the hell out of me. I’ve never been the kind of person to follow the “rules”. I always wanted to trace my own path and build my own thing. When I opened my blog, it was like a weight that got lifted from my shoulders :  like I could finally express myself with all the freedom in the world. I created Kayture at a really young age and so I definitely see myself doing other things in the future, music being one of my biggest dreams. I have no fear towards this decision, because I know I can study at anytime, doing it essentially out of interest and passion.


Kristina : With all this work and travel, do you feel like it’s hard to maintain healthy relationships with your beloved ones? 

Fiona : No. Not at all. My friends and family know that I have the luxury to do something I love with people I love. They know that we’re building something bigger than words can express. But definitely thanks to What’s app and Skype for keeping me in touch with everyone! I just know that my close friends only want the best for me and that they will never blame me for not always being present, they understand and respect my work.


Fiona :  So it’s been a year that you and James are not a couple anymore. I see you guys everyday so I know things are doing great but… tell us : do you have a boy crush? 

Kristina : WHO! Boy crush topic, love that. Okay I like Miles McMillan. He’s a gorgeous creature. But he also has a boyfriend. So back off. Otherwise, Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill definitely melt my heart. Gosh… And Ryan Gosling of course. I know. Yes. Oh and Christian Bale… and Jake Gyllenhaal. There are so many (laugh).


Kristina : Kayture’s readers love you babe! Your visibility is growing everyday, what does it feel like to appear in the public eye? Are you comfortable with it? 

Fiona : It’s really crazy (laugh)! I love doing the KayTips and love photography. I definitely feel like I have a certain sensitivity towards beauty and fashion so it’s great to be able to express that through Kayture with such a big community as well as on my social media. But of course like everyone, being in the public eye makes you face your insecurities and we all have some. I try to do my best though and stay myself.


Kristina : That’s awesome!What tip would you give to someone who’s afraid to show themselves or to express their ideas with so much freedom? 

Fiona : I think it’s important to learn to love yourself. Confidence is everything. We all want to be the best version of ourselves but it’s good not to compare each other all the time. We are all very different and beautifully unique. We all have to nurture this uniqueness.


Fiona : 2014 was such an exciting year. What were your top 3 highlights? 

Kristina : The Cannes film festival is definitely in the top 3. Being able to live such a magical experience with Chopard, wear incredible gowns from Dior, Cavalli, Elie Saab, walk the red carpet with my favorite actors… I mean. It really felt surreal. The second was definitely to win the “Blogger of the Year” award during NYFW’s Bloglovin’ awards, such an honor to know that so many of my incredible readers voted for me. The last one is attending the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London. It has been my dream since ages and I felt so lucky to have been given such an opportunity. Especially since I flew in a private jet with all the angels! It was crazier than crazy.


Kristina : How did your family react when you announced them that you were going to work for a blog?

Fiona : I think my parents have always been used to me doing things differently. They always said that I’m like a bird they can’t put in a cage. At first, they were a little confused but they always trusted and supported me. They just want me to be happy. They see everyday that I work really hard, keep busy, travel, am independent. So they’re very proud!


Fiona : We are very young in this industry. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kristina : So I’ll be 31! Wow. Okay. I really want to embrace every single day, just always have a positive spirit and be a good, kind, person no matter what. I just want to live everyday with passion, be the best person I can be, not plan to much ahead and feel surprised, feel grateful, feel excited. There are many things I want to achieve in my life, I am glad to have my blog to share this journey with the world. To be totally honest… I really just want to be happy.



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