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Reading all the feedback on yesterday’s article was an absolute joy, I am so grateful to witness each time that so many of you take a second to read my thoughts, even if it can be quite a bit. I truly believe that it’s so important to express ourselves on the things that matter to us, to verbalise our feelings and put it out there. There’s no doubt other people might deal with the same issues, ask themselves the same questions… isn’t it so empowering and uplifting to be able to share this introspective experience together and help each other grow our knowledge and understanding?

I don’t think we can know and understand everything that’s out there. Even if we tried or really wanted to. Neither do I think we can all profoundly understand the mechanisms of each other, or even of ourselves. A lot of it seems to be so abstract, contradictory even… And yet it is actually quite fascinating to leave some things unanswered. If it was that easy to find answers to everything, life would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? I have a tendency to be willing to analyze it all, to take ten step backs and observe things rationally, objectively. My opinion keeps evolving of course, sometimes even changing throughout the years. But one thing I know for sure, is that being open minded has been the most rewarding and life changing approches ever.

I’ve read yesterday some comments from you guys which said that you miss my old outfit posts… And I completely understand the remark. It is the type of content you could regularly find here on Kayture a few years ago. But, it is true, as you might have noticed, that I am not so much interested anymore in limiting myself to these kind of entries. I do understand how nice it is, but I couldn’t help myself but find in it a certain shallowness. I wanted to push the enveloppe and make out of each article, an editorial with a real artistic direction and theme. I think I grew past the point of wanting to shoot outfit posts and I wanted to challenge myself to explore different approaches to what I want to show or say.  I felt like there was much more I wanted to offer.  Also, it felt to me like there was a redundancy with my social media where I was already showing some of my looks and that Kayture should be used for bigger matters.

Fashion has always been one of my favorite forms of creative expression, simply because it is a way to say something about ourselves without having to speak and a way to express a bit about our world throughout our appearance. However, it appeared to me in my daily life that I wanted to care less about it and just be more chill about fashion, designers, always being on point… I just wanted to feel good, be myself, dress comfortably and not spent so much time thinking about it. Suddenly I thought, wait, I am 22 years old and how many designer bags do I have? Is it really necessary? This fast consumption of clothes, of trends became tiring to me. I needed to find a balance again by toning it down and bringing it back to basics. So most of my free time I’d spend it in the recording studio, in my jeans and white t-shirt, or hanging out with my friends in my favorite silk shirt. I’d throw it on without even thinking about color coordinating or the latest season’s accessories.

Having a blog and social media is a pressure of course to always innovate, wear the latest trends, even if I hate trends, create new looks, aesthetics… to the extend where I lost the point of it. We all know how fast life’s pace is today, well in fashion it’s the same thing and no doubt why so many designers quit their jobs. We are in an era of fast fashion, fast consumption where quantity wins over quality and conversion is valued over innovation. My brain was saturated. And you might think, saying all these things is so hypocrite coming from a fashion girl. Well trust me, I am trying to balance my life and my friends, music, life and general made me realize what a privileged little bubble of luxury and dreams fashion industry is. It isn’t the real world, a lot of it is in fact a bit superficial if you aren’t able to take a step back and enjoy it with a certain objectivity. I love fashion, and you will keep seing me at fashion weeks, but I think more important matters should be discussed sometimes, and my content here on Kayture, I really hope it’ll keep evolving into something truly meaningful, inspiring and beautiful.

So if you ever see me outside events or fashion weeks, you’ll probably notice how I always wear my beloved staples and pieces I feel good and comfortable in. It has been ages since my last crazy shopping spree and I take advantage of my great projects with brands I love to create new looks, images and aesthetics. Like today, I had the opportunity to partner with Charles & Keith which is this fantastic shoe brand to create various look around each pair. This is why I love working with brands, it gives me a canvas in a way, a reason to create something with a real theme, goal, subject. I love today’s pictures… We shot them a while ago as you can see by my hair color. Surprisingly, I don’t miss my blonde hair that much. I am SO happy as a brunette. But it is sweet to have this little throwback. So we have a more California inspired set and another one, more Lolita like with the nude platforms. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Make sure to check out their website where I gave a little interview too! xxx

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