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The present

What a pleasant surprise, to find myself writing here again. Just felt like jumping with joy on this opportunity to write and share some words on this 25th of November 2020, amidst all the things going on in the collective.

I have much to say, many wishes to express and yet after almost a year without entries on this beautiful platform, I ought the respect to simply say that throughout all this time I have been profoundly contemplating, studying and witnessing with awe the power of life, it’s Divine course, it’s mysterious dance which humbles me day by day. Since last summer, I have been taking some time to reflect on all the experiences, professional, personal etc. that I encountered. Starting this blog in 2011 and launching my music project ever since, I always needed to express the more spiritual part of my life. Since the beginning of this platform, the message has always been introspective. I have been studying a lot of practices and have myself been very in touch with the “invisible”, this infinite energy that carries all things, which we all emerge from. Quietly on my own or in group, studying shamanic practices, yoga, reiki, tarot, breathwork…  Being inspired by so many incredible people who turned this into their life. All of this has been helping me so much to tune into my creative energy, to sing, to be able to do the work I love with the outmost sincerity and integrity in honest service to others. To me creativity comes from this intangible yet particularity subtle infinite quantum field (great interview about this topic btw with author Elizabeth Gilbert click here to view ) which in moments of very high vibrational peaks, we “channel” or “download” through the prism of our individual scope of mind with great clarity. Even the stunning Laura Lynn Jackson talked about this, even mentioning how JK Rowling “downloaded” the whole story of Harry Potter from this Quantum Field, which was something way beyond her and came with great detail (very interesting video about this here). Since last summer I am no longer with a music label yet continue making music independently. Financially it has definitely been a challenge as I was less active on the blog and had no content coming throughout both confinements. Yet working without a label is for now an exciting step. I remember releasing my first song “Out” on Tunecore years ago, we did everything ourselves from the promotion to the music video. Today, with everything I keep learning, I am excited to share new music, which reflects this wish of love and simplicity and I am glad to do it independently with the help and support of artists I am excited to partner with, and of course with your love and support.

For a while I felt like an onion that was peeled layer by layer. Waking up to all the dormant knowledge that was always in me, which I was blind to for a while. I bought so many books and finally opened inner “channels” that I felt like I completely closed off ever since I started working at 16 and thought I had to “survive to make it”. I have always been a very instinctive person and I think my inner GPS was always well on, and yet the awakening I experienced since last September had nothing to do with anything I’ve lived before. It opened a new vision for me, a  360° view of the profound miracle that we are, that life is and how everything is inter-connected. I always knew in my heart that all is One. And this Oneness and Wholeness is always guiding us throughout it All. And with this inner eye open, with this inner clarity and wisdom that always is, was and will be, I shed so many layers of ego which have felt heavy for so long. The weight of what people think, the weight of guilt, the weight of fear, shame, injustice, rejection. All of that had to go. I reconnect to the Now in each present stance and let go of the illusion of separation.

What happened in the last couple of months felt like a mass awakening for many people. The confinements and global conversations surrounding it encouraged us to root even deeper in our humanity and spread the branches high up in the stars. On a global scale, conversations about morality, ethics and the expansion of our inner beliefs can now again be remembered and discussed with honesty, serving humanity, Earth, community and inter-dependent co-creation where the foundations are safe, in service of this very Oneness which we know connects us all together through a miraculous web where the only thing that is, is energy, is love, is our integrity and intention behind our actions. We are also invited to listen with our hearts. What that means is that we’ve all learned to say to people what they want to hear. To sell a product, to be liked, to stick to a group, to please a group, to avoid disappointment, to avoid the pain of being rejected, to avoid sounding ignorant, or the opposite of it to avoid sounding arrogant. Yet it is most important now to speak our truth and learn to do it with compassion. It is the way to develop proximity, intimacy and closeness. We know, from school or workplaces that it isn’t always the most popular opinion that feels right. Integrating our multi-dimensionality is definitely something to work on. We all have a piece of the puzzle and working together means coming together in truth. For we must understand first what truth is.

A “Course in Miracles” states quite beautifully that the ego cannot survive a Mind that is free, and freedom comes from reconnection with Oneness, with our essence. For freedom extends not from the ego, but from the spaciousness your mind was created from. Which is God, All That Is, The Universe, Oneness, Love/Light, Light/Love. Our ego didn’t create all that is, but that’s what it wishes to speak. Not only does it flatter us wrongly, but it also puts the outmost pressure on us wrongly. We comme from All that Is, from infinite energy, infinite consciousness which cannot discriminate in opposition to the ego which spends it’s days doing exactly such. For what is sustained is love, what extends is love, what evolves, what grows, naturally loves and is loved for it is part of the wholly body of the Universe in which we are all mirrors reflecting light back on one another.

Time is a gift we chose, Earth and nature are unconditional love, all the cosmic laws that allow us to vibrate in this current experience are profoundly beautiful, allowing us to revisit ourselves throughout the infinite multi-verse. Hearing each other is a gift, really hearing each other for we are One. One with many Individuations, many compounds, many elements yet part of the same ether, same matter, the same goo. And from this fundamental root, this Prajna animating all things we start to really see life as it is, stripped of misinterpretations. And with this we can actually act, our actions align with our words. Our heart is in coherence with our mind. Trust, that incarnating this love here is enough for us to have what we need. Each One Matters. To feel sheltered and taken care of by a Wisdom that knows all pasts, all futures and all presents and is unconditionally free. With this said I wanted to share with you some books, some links to articles I find really interesting on all these subjects and am so curious to read your thoughts on all this, don’t hesitate to share some links too. I am sending you a lot of love and much light. Speak soon.

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