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My travelling morning routine

Pictures by James Vyn

NYFW HABITSI am really all about comfort, especially since James and I travel so much it means a lot to me to recreate a cozy and nice surrounding in order to be productive during our stay. My tricks : taking some elemets that make me feel comfortable and remind me of home, my pyjamas or some products that I really enjoy using. For me the morning is one of the most important moment of the day, I have so many different rituals that I must do in order to feel ready to hit the city. And even while I travel, I still respect all those habits which are so important to me.

First of all for me breakfast is absolutely essential. I can not go out without having at least a bowl of cereals, if I don’t then I’ll feel grumpy the whole day… You don’t wanna see me like that. Just to give you an idea, I litterally go to bed planning what I’ll have for breakfast and wake-up only in order to enjoy it. Crazy person, yup. Then I love my skin care routine, as I am partnering with Lancôme I had the chance to try out a whole personalised line adapted to my needs and absolutely felt in love with the Hydra Zen creams as well as the cleansing foam which truly provides the most amazing feel of freshness. I don’t drink coffee, but I love having a hot green tea with some lemon, What about you? What are your habits?

Also guys, tomorrow on Valentine’s day from 6-7pm in the Manor of Geneva I will be hosting an Yves Saint Laurent beauty session event, at this time it will be opened to all of you so feel free to join in and discover YSL’s new “Purple Look” as well as celebrate the magic of their new absolutely fascinating frangrance “Manifesto”. I will be speaking to you about it as well as the YSL make-up artist who will share some exclusive beauty secrets. All that at the YSL corner in Manor, feel free to brimg a friend!


PYJAMAS : Victoria’s Secret
CREAMS : Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm
BALM : Lancôme Nutrix Lèvres
MOUSSE: Facial Cleansing Mousse



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