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A short update + kaviar gauche for zalando dress


Pictures by James Vyn

RAINY DAY*Shall be read with heavy british accent, as corny and snobish as possible* may you please allow me a short exclamation : this weather is too damn shitty. You can read with your normal accent now, in case you actually read with a british accent… Oh I love how I get all into annoying jokes when I’m stuck in bed with no one to talk to. This flu keeps all my family away from me (actually already infested my dad… might be the reason why they stay away).

So we tried as hard as we could to make some pictures yesterday, but it seemed like everything was acting against us : first the rain, the wind, freezing cold, then our camera which is now broke and finally my head burning. So please excuse the little amount of pictures, but it just wasn’t our day. I loved my outfit though, I was wearring my new dress created by Kaviar Gauche for Zalando Collection. Absolutely love it, they have some cool pieces : definitely suggest you to check it out. For those interested I’ll join a little video at the end of the post :)


COAT : Zara
BOOTS : Morgan
SUNNIES : Windsor Store
DRESS : Kaviar Gauche for Zalando Collection
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