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Kayture on the go ”arrival in los angeles”

THE CITY OF ANGELS So I spend the most boring week-end ever, I got sick… Like really sick with a big flu and fever stuck in bed with some tea. I had to cancel all the meetings we had on friday and hoped to be able to go out at least on sunday to shoot some outfits but nope, my muscles felt like marshmallows. At least I got to enjoy Modern Family cuddled up in my bed sheets. So James came by and we finished this Kayture on the go video which I hope you guys will enjoy!

I am still sick unfortunately, but today we’ll head out in order to make some pictures as well as hop on a couple of meetings. I am glad that you guys loved the Kayture on-the-go concept, still I wanted to ask you some advice as it is always about improvement : would you enjoy longer videos? With more personal comments? We try to keep it very effortless and natural, don’t want to ruin the video with the voice over but maybe you’d enjoy some more stories? Let me know :)

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