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Arrival in new york city

Pictures by James Chardon

LET’S GET IT STARTED Here we go! After a long flight we finally arrived safe and sound in New York, the city that never sleeps. We, as a matter of fact, slept during the whooole flight. Little description of the situation and tip on how to avoid jet lag : start preparing your suitcase for fashion week the night before leaving, just to make sure your nerves break (like I, smart pants, did). Get crazy and spend the night on it. No coffee in the morning, just grab your earplugs for the flight, facemask, the biggest sweatshirt you have there, with a cap of course, and big socks, oh and a blanket cause the ones they give you during the flight are crap. And there you go! You’ll pass out for 8 and a half hours, and will arrive all energized at your final destination (like magic!). And if you need a little push, buy an economic review magazine and try to act all intelectial reading it on the plane, in less than 1 hour you’ll snuggle up in your little blanket. 

After the fun flight (I am soo sure that I freaked the hell out of the whole plane crew as I was litterally laying  like a clam on the seat with my legs spread on the sides, facemask + earplugs + hoodie + neck cushion, barely reacting to the surrounding… ah how fancy) we finally arrived at the big apple. As I’ve annouced it on my social media, we have this season a really awesome project with Mango : I am their new official fashion week insider and will bring you guys with us through our adventures and the artiles on Can’t wait to kick it off! So my question to you guys is : what do you want to see on Kayture during this fashion season, my streetsyle FW looks, the shows and new collections, some special backstage insights?

SHIRT : Mango
PANTS : Guess
SHOES : Balenciaga
BAG : Valentino
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