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Kayture on-the-go paris fashion week

EPISODE 4Ah each time when it comes to post a Kayture On-The-Go video I get all excited, and so impatient to know all your thoughts about it. The truth is that James and I have so much passion for this project, we feel like it brings so much to the content of the blog and creates such a cool connection between you guys and us! Honestly I can’t wait to share with you all the videos that have been already shot, it takes a lot of time to edit them but they’ll arrive!

So this time it goes all about our two first days in Paris for fashion week, as we were there with the cool Louis Vuitton team. The next step for our videos will be definitely to buy good micro as it could be really nice to hear some interactions or any sort of actual talking going on, and not just voice over. Hope you guys will enjoy it! Bisous bisous x

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