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I’ve been coveteur’d

Recently, I had the chance to work with the awesome Coveteur team in Paris during fashion week. Like they’d say, I’ve been officially Coveteur’d!!! Being a big admiring of their website and general aesthetic, it was seriously the coolest thing ever. I was thrilled to work with the awesome Jake Rosenberg, who’s a great photographer and shot the images you’ll be able to discover bellow. You might have already seen these pictures on their website, but I insisted to repost them as I love them so much.

The whole idea of the shoot was to get into my closet and play with all the pieces, mix and match everything and just have fun. I love how the images came out as it’s so different from anything I’ve done. I think it’s so nice to have a different photography style, even though James is incredible, it’s always quite fascinating to see how somebody else can capture your universe.

Today’s sunday. We just had a fabulous brunch with some friends in the Hollywood hills. Had to pinch myself while overlooking the landscape. Felt so happy, grateful and just so excited for everything we’re working right now… Los Angeles is the most incredible place ever, with so much happening and so quickly. I feel surrounded but such an amazing creative energy. Just makes me wanna wake up each morning and work, work work, create, create, create and create. Hope you guys had a wonderful week-end! Sending you much love.




DRESS : Cameo

WHITE BAG : Mansur Graviel 

BLUE DRESS : Mr. Selfportrait


WHITE CULOTTE PANTS : N°21 (Similar Here)


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