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Cannes film festival ”la montee des marches"

FAIRYTALE As you guys know, James and I had the priviledge to be invited this year to the Cannes film festival by one of our favourite luxury brand : Chopard. We were so happy to be able to take part in such a wonderfull adventure and looking forward to experience the famous red carpet and stairs at the “Palais des Festivals”. Of course, as soon as I learned the news the obvious question popped out : which dress shall I wear? I mean okay, now I’m starting to get used to the fashion week process and it’s all about picking out the perfect street-style look. While in Cannes it’s a completely different story, forget about the “less is more” statement (I still suggest to keep it in mind at all time, being subtle is the key to elegance, amen). So in your mind you start thinking that the dress you’ll wear to the red carpet is a really big deal…

And it kind of is. First of all because you want to feel gorgeous, comfortable, elegant, sexy as well as super subtle and mysterious at the same time. So good luck to find a dress that says all this… I did my little research and thanks to my lovely friend Soraya and their boutique in Geneva, I thought that Elie Saab was the perfect solution. Their dresses are young, fresh yet full of chic. In this dress, I felt like a modern mermaid and the Chopard jewerly I got to wear, brightened everything up and added some amazing glamour to this already fabulous evening. We had the chance to see ”The Immigrant” by James Gray, with Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix, quite a deep and emotional movie. It was great to see Marion receive her standing ovation. We ended our evening at the restaurant ”La Petite Maison” located in the hotel Majestic Barrière. Again, a huge thank you for this fabulous experience, and hopefully we’ll be back next year.

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