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Keeping up on time with ebel

Pictures by James Chardon

URBAN MOOD As many of you have already discovered throughout our previous editorials, I do have quite a close relationship with watches as I grew up in a country where we have a fabulous market as well as a big respect and knowledge of quality regarding the mechanisms and craftmaship in the watch industry, these usually circulate from generation to generation and become a real family heritage. As I am more of a fashion peep, I do love innovating and playing with my watch as if it was an accessory, because let’s all admit that nowadays, watches are just the best accessory for a modern and active woman. Not only does it look great, but it’s also so usefull (especially when the battery of your phone dies in the middle of the day, and you thank the holy grail that you’ve got your watch on your wrist to keep you up on time with the meetings and other appointments).

In this article I am wearring a really beautiful model from one of my favourite watch brands, Ebel. The exact reference is EBEL 100 on mesh bracelet (green accents) and I love how it’s so modern, minimalistic but so timeless at the same time as well. I feel like it fits me as much as it could fit my boyfriend (who by the way loved it, saw him sneaking around and trying it on!). To correspond to the vibe of this watch I decided to play around with kind of a boy-ish look (which I am not really used to, but I enjoy trying new things out) but of course as always, with a lot of elegance by pairing in with this gorgeous Valentino bag from Monnier Frères. What kind of relationship do you guys have with watches?

WATCH : EBEL 100 on mesh bracelet (green accents) 
PANTS : Citizens of Humanity
SHOES : Desire
BAG : Valentino (got at Monnier Frères)
RINGS : Avinas + Vita Fede


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