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Kristina bazan for zhanna romashka

Pictures by Zhanna Romashka

SHOOTING IN MILANYou guys might remember if you’re following me through social media that I’ve worked on an exciting shooting a couple of days ago in Milan with the lovely Zhanna Romashka. She is a fabulous photographer based in Italy, who contribues often for Vogue or other fashion magazines, but she is also known as a fashion week It Girl, strolling around in absolutely perfect outfits. And that is actually how I met her.

Zhanna is originally russian, so during the whole shoot we spoke russian which was so nice, felt like going back to the roots. The make-up and hair artist was also russian speaking, so we had a real russian mafia going on over there (James who was there as well, was a little bit lost between all this!). Anyway for this shoot we wanted something different and very 60ies ”Twiggy” inspired. The pale skin effect is of course done on purpose. I think it looks so interesting with this whole black and white theme. 

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