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Stylight commercial teaser

SOON ON TVOkay, among the blogging adventure, I got the chance to take part in some really exciting and crazy projects which I honestly would have never thought that blogging could have brought me too. It’s nice to see everyday that it’s such a polyvalent activity and that you get to do so many different things. I find it extremely interesting and also qite challenging sometimes, which brings always so much more fun to the game. So anyway, if you guys have been following either me (@kristina_bazan) or James (@jameschardon) on Instagram then you might have seen a couple of weeks earlier that we were in Münich with Stylight to shoot a very mysterious video.

This video is actually going to be one of the most exciting ones ever as it is Stylight’s vers first TV commercial which is going to appear on German television. For that, they’ve reached out to a couple of the top international fashion bloggers and asked them to play in this video. I had the chance to be a part of it and had so much fun shooting all the scenes. Here’s for now the backstage teaser video. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and of course you can check out my Stylight profile simply by clicking here.

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