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Birthday girl

CELEBRATING MY TWENTIESHey guys!!! So first of all, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your amazing birthday wishes. I honestly can’t be more gratefull. You are all absolutely amazing and I feel so blessed, thankfull and lucky to have you all even if it’s only virtually. At the end of the day I sometimes like to imagine that we’re all kind of friends and it would be sooo amazing to just be all in the same room together and hug or something wouldn’t it? Or am I just being really weird and crazy here…? Maybe just a little, but you get what I mean right? It’s all about the love. All about the love… Kayture is really my baby, it’s my treasure and I put all my heart and love into it. I am so happy that you take pleasure coming here everyday, where I share with you a part of my life, to find some inspiration, get amused, travel, have fun and above all relax. And forget about all the troubles, or the issues you had during the day. I want Kayture to be a positive place, where there’s an open door for dreams, passions, ambitions and loads of good shoes. SHOES are the most important. Above all. But to be more serious : my 20ies wouldn’t have been as good if I didn’t have you all. Thanks to you, I have this huge energy and will to make everyday extraordinary in order to post the best content possible. So I hope that each time you come here, you feel that positive energy and you take some bits of it on your own journey, making YOUR dreams come true and YOUR life more beautiful (by having more shoes of course).

On the night of the 28th (yup, that was a monday… How to annoy everybody : throw a birthday dinner on a monday evening! Very smart of me… but hey the 20ies have to be celebrated on the right day!! Not a day after, not a day before. That is just it!) I’ve organised together with my family an absolutely amazing birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant on earth : the brasserie Grand Chêne at the Lausane Palace. I’ve celebrated my 18th birthday there, as well as many different important occasions. This place is my temple of evolution : everytime there’s something to celebrate, we go there! Everytime a big goal has been reached, or a step has been made : this is our place. We kept the tradition and honestly it was the best decision ever. I didn’t want a gigantic birthday bash with tigers, fireworks, loads of people I don’t even know that well… I wanted to have my family and friends close to me. People I could talk to around a lovely glass of wine and a delicious hot meal (or cold!!! they have the best beef tartare evaar). So we enjoyed some absolutely fabulous time and it was honestly the best night I could imagine. Because it was that simple. Nothing too over-the-top extravagant, just great people, great food, a place I love and a lot of laughs! I usually don’t like to share private pictures of my friends and family but this time they all agreed that it would be so nice to make this article as a wonderfull souvenir of a super fun night. + I needed to show you my outfit of course! I wanted something colourfull and bright, something that would make me happy and feel great! So I went for some of my favourite pieces : my beloved Shourouk necklace, Valentino rockstuds and a Topshop jumpsuit. This was such an amazing look!! Perfect for a birthday girl :)

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