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18th birthday!

LEGAL MAJORITY Today is my big day, I am finally 18 years old. What a big step in the adulthood, even if it seems a bit scary at first I must admit that I am highly excited and don’t know why but feel my bones filled with the fresh air of freedom ( how poetic). The best part of birthdays? The gifts, the greeting card, the flowers and of course the balloons… You get here a little preview but I will for sure make a whole birthday goodies post.

So right now I am writing in a huge rush, trying to type as usually do on my keyboard while I am curling my hair, some say women can do many things at the time, I guess they are right. So many good things coming up, also I am trully looking forward to make my laguages for Tokyo, where I am invited as a guest blogger for the Vogue’s Fashion Night out, you can check out my profile on Ultrabloggers HERE, the brand new web-site I am working with.

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