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Orange trousers

Pictures by JAMES VYN

A STEP FORWARDThis week-end was so nice, because it was my birthday I decided that one day for celebration wasn’t enough and so took the whole week-end with my family for indulgments and little life pleasures. So first, we had all together a dinner in our favourite restaurant where I had the chance to blow the candles of a huge strawberry cake. Then the day after was all about a bit of shopping in town with a movie night and some cocktails. And to end up a day at the spa to relax.

I will put the pictures we took tomorrow on my blog, but meanwhile here is a colourfull outfit I wore a few days ago during a walk in town. The weather was pretty nice so a simple faux-fur scarf was perfect to keep warm. Those orange pants from are incredibly comfortable and look good paired to a simple white blouse.

BAG : Victoria’s Secret

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