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A shooting in paris


A FEW WEEKS AGOSo perhaps you guys remember when James and I had our trip to Paris a couple of time ago to meet Armand Ventilo in his room, well during those few days spent in the gorgeous city I had the chance to shoot with a great and very talented photographer from Switzerland who moved to France, her name is Elena Kuznetsova and her work is quite fascinating.

I really wanted to share with you those few pictures we have done together, not only I think that the styling is remarkable and very high fashion but also there is a huge originality that I highly enjoy in this shooting more than in anyone else. I won’t even explain to you what my hair bore that day, they got squeezed in everyway, twisted in all directions and I needed three shampoos and two masks to get them back straight. But sometimes it is worth it, no?

DRESSES : Thanks to Evelyn from

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