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Pictures by JAMES VYN

 HOT COLOURSI am not saying that my outfit is ”genial” as you may have supposed. No, actually the name of this post is dedicated to my favourite lipstick of the month which is called as perhaps you have understood ”genial”, and the name fits quite good to this bright pink colour, number 187 of the chanel rouge allure collection. I always said it, for me the lipstick colour is a part of the outfit, and here it adds this little original touch.

Well I guess I have finally decided to wear a jacket, and I think it is a good decision, even though I will probably go on and walk around half undressed during this fall. I picked a simple black top, a faux fur Zara jacket without sleeves and a tangerine skirt matched to a bicoloured celine inspired clutch, to finally add some golden accessories.

VEST : Zara
SHOES : Zara
SKIRT : Zara

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