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Cozy day

Pictures by Olivia Bossert

QUICK MONDAY UPDATE! Hey loves. Hope you had a lovely week-end, full of rest and love. James and I just got back from our trip to Germany with Breuninger and I already can’t wait to show you the awesome images that we created. But before that, I definitely wanted to show you all the rest of the images I shot with my lovely friend Olivia while she was in town. James went on this amazing road trip with his friends for quite a few days, so I spend so much time with my friends and it felt so good since with all this travelling I am always away and don’t have that much free time. Also since James and I always travel together, it feels good to spend some time separately : I think it is definitely more healthy than being scotched to each other 24/7 like we usually do!!! So spending some quality time with our beloved ones was soo incredibly nice and we were even more motivated, productive and happy when we hopped on the place for Milan and Germany this week. It was such a blast to shoot these images with Olivia while James enjoyed his little holiday time, even though I am so used to shoot with him it is nice to see how other talented photographers work. Everyone of them has such a specific way of shooting, the angle is different, their artistic vision changes completely! But I think that for the blog, it is nice to see some change from time to time no?

With James we thought that it could be great to see some other people’s work from time to time here on Kayture since you all may know that he is in charge of most of the blog’s management which makes it a lot of daily work since we receive hundreds of messages per day. Sometimes, it’s tiring to go out and shoot! Since Olivia was in town and that she’s such a good friend of mine, we decided to go by the lake and make some very casual images with this super cozy look. I am currently obsessed with warm sweaters (I wonder why hum hum… Maybe because of this terrible weather!?) and I loved finding ones that have interesting details, prints or materials to make me feel chic yet  super warm and comfortable. So I went for this awesome Mango sweater, matched with some chic details like this gorgeous Valentino bag that I got through Runin2 (when in doubt : choose Valentino! Dresses up litterally aaanyyything), Manolos and some boyfriend jeans. Voilà!


COAT . Zara
TOP : Mango
BAG : Valentino via Runin2
SHOES : Manolo Blahnik 
RINGS : Topshop
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