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Before telling you all about our fun time in Los Angeles, I’d like to share with you an exclusive lifestyle story and project we had the chance to work on with Disaronno during Milan fashion week. You might know how obsessed I am with lifestyle experiences, I can talk about food and drinks for hours. When I go to a restaurant, I don’t only look for a savory meal, I look for an experience of taste, but also a visual journey. From the presentation to the service, every detail counts. The same goes to drinks (I had some incredible coffee experiences in Italy for example) and of course : cocktails.

Now, I am not a big drinker, in fact I took the resolution to stop drinking in 2014, if only for very very special occasions. And I can tell you that this was definitely one of them. My friends and I decided to meet up in Milan during fashion week around a cozy dinner in a lovely little restaurant. After the meal the waiter comes up to our table and says “you are the chosen ones, would you like to experience a unique adventure in a private member’s club bar?”. Of course we were super intrigued and said yes right away. We ended up with a piece of paper in our hand with just an address and name on it in front of a little empty shop lost in the city. But once we entered the shop and showed the paper to the only person alive standing there, a mysterious back door opened and we jumped back in the 30ies and entered this incredible private cocktail bar… and had the best night ever.

Turns out, the next day, the Disaronno team wrote us (they know how obsessed I am with finding treasure gem spots) telling that they wanted to bring us to a super secret spot in Milan and we ended up going back there again, feeling like the luckiest folks ever. This time we really needed to make picture and share this journey with you. And lucky enough, we are the very first bloggers in the world to speak about this place!

Their cocktail menu changes constantly, but their drinks are a pure experience, with funny names and especially original concepts. But the one I personally liked the most was the one they created with the Disaronno liqueur because if was super sweet and yummy. I usually always tend to prefer the sweeter cocktails. The drink is served with a delicious little pot of tea, that you have to drink before in order to enhance the flavor of the cocktail.

I am so excited to share this exclusive place with you, and as much as I’d love to tell you exactly where it is located I unfortunately can’t as their wish is to keep this bar secret : it is a quest for everybody to try to find it and that’s what makes it so fun and exciting. I am not even sure that I will be able to go back there. Because going once, doesn’t mean you can return any time you want. Every time it’s a unique experience. Hope you guys will enjoy the story!

Name of the cocktail: Goodnight Holly

Cocktail inspired by the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

45 ml bourbon infused with almond and dry fruits flavored tea
15 ml camomile
20 ml lime
3,75 ml honey

Before tasting the cocktail, sip some almond flavored tea to prepare for the unique aroma of the cocktail.

Cocktail created by Flavio Angiolillo of “1930” 

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