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One shoulder look with kerastase

I am very happy to share with you today the very first hair tutorial video out of my 3 Couture Styling looks with Kérastase. Please, don’t blame my french accent in this video!! I feel like I usually don’t (or at least try not to) have such a harsh pronunciation, but here, I guess spending the whole day in Paris surrounded by french speaking people really hit on my english! Oh well, I always felt like having a little french accent is actually very sexy… ;)

The video you’ll see in this article is a lll about the perfect wavy/curly one shoulder look. I feel like it’s perfect for everyday as much as it is for a dressier occasion. It was actually inspired by a look I created several months ago in order to attend the Louis Vuitton show at Paris fashion week (feel free to check it out by clicking here). It’s a very versatile hair style that will match most of your outfits picks.

If you have straight hair like me, and that your curl doesn’t really hold that strong, definitely write down the names of the products I use in this video, there’s nothing more important than adding the right texture to your hair before styling it! Enjoy and have fun re-creating x

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