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Let’s move forward

None of us can move forward if half of us are held back. It’s time for change. You might have already read it on Instagram but I am happy to announce here on Kayture as well that I am part of the Chime For Change project initiated by Gucci. For such a long time, I wanted to take part in a humanitary project and support a cause that I truly believed in. There are so many charities nowadays, how do we know where our money goes and if we really do help?

YOU can really make a change in fact with the power of our social media. On you can in fact donate the ammount you want directly to different causes selected and make a real impact. I was so incredibly touched by all the stories. It’s hard sometimes to imagine what happends abroad far away from the comfort of our countries. Make a change, even if it’s 1$, it can make a big difference if we all act. I had the big pleasure to make a donation to #bringbackourgirls as I deeply believe that each woman AND man should have the right to knowledge and education, and shouldn’t have to suffer such torture because of it.

Gucci now took the initiative to donate 5$ out of each bottle of perfume sold to a Chime For Change cause. So if you decide to get a Gucci perfume one of these days, keep in mind that you can log in on the Chime for Change platform and use the information on the perfume’s packaging to donate yourself, to the cause you believe in, the 5$ OR more if you want to. I find it so great that a global fashion label like Gucci takes steps forward to make a change, speak up and raise awareness in such a stylish and clever way.

We shouldn’t just give away pity… that’s unfortuantely what we all usually do when addressing these causes. It’s our actions that are going to determine who we are and what kind of difference we want to make. It’s sometimes hard to realize the impact we could have if we actually started all doing little actions. It can start with a bottle of perfume to changing the world. The perfume is just a symbol. Act now and share the support. It’s important.

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