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The classics


So before going on with the rest of the stories we have to share with you from our experience in Cannes (and I still have SO many beautiful images to show you peeps I just can’t wait), I wanted to quickly update you guys and let you know that we’re safely back in Geneva with a LOT of office work to catch up. We are also very happy to welcome a new member in our Kayteam which I’ll be able to introduce you all to very soon. We’re now 6 in the team! Holy Molly, it’s growing so quickly. Kind of scary at some point, but crucial in order to be super active and reactive on all fronts.

On days like these, after a long trip where evening dresses were the moto word everyday, there’s nothing I like more than hanging around in some comfortable clothing picks. But comfy doesn’t mean sweatpants and sweatshirts, no no no. To me it means, a total black look most of the time as my brain is bored of conceptualizing color blocking schemes or figuring our fun shade combinations. Black is easy, black is timeless. The day they invent a darker color than black, I’ll go for it. I’ll throw on top of that a fun blazer to add a little pop of something fresh but most importantly, I’ll wear the comfiest pair of shoes I can find in my closet.

I don’t wear flats that often, but when I do, I like them to be chic and compliment my outfit perfectly. I love a nice nude shade for a flat as it will create an optical illusion and make legs appear longer and slimmer. No joke, try it yourself. I’ve been lately particularly fond of these gorgeous little Tod’s Gommino loafers, which are so comfy and look absolutely adorable on the feet. They’re light as a feather so I was ready to run around the city the whole entire day!

By the way guys, if you have the same love for Tod’s Gommino loafers as me, you can share your images wearing their iconic flats on the new platform they just initiated, just click here to find all about it! Make sure to follow our activity on social media as we’ll be also sharing some messages. We leave today to Paris, and I’m definitely taking a comfy pair of loafers with me!




SHOES : Tod’s Gommino

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